About Us

We are a non-profit organization, here we provide mandala mandala that you can use freely.

In Sanskrit, “Manda” means Mind or Essence, while “La” means container. So literally the Mandala is the Mind Container, or the Container (a) Essence. The Mandala is a contemplative device that passes between the physical and spiritual boundaries.

We can use the mandala to help healing, concentration or for the purposes of meditation. All the mandalas is made by VMG Dharmacakra Wisnumurti the founder of Jyotish Indonesia. Every mandala has design spesific function, for special purpose.

Mandalas that  available can be ordered for personal use and there is no cost ( free)  for making the mandala, then mandala will be sent via email and can be used freely.

But if you are generous to donate to us, donations donated will be used for social purposes, to spread dharma for people in need.

Similarly for ordering oil and tshirt mandala, some of its profits will be used for charity activities.

If you need to contact me directly please add my number ( Whatapp Only) +62 81321817444 or email me at wisnumurti@gmail.com.

Hopefully this website can be useful for others. And may all beings be happy.